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I work with many different editing systems, but for the past few years the majority of time has been with Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Although I enjoy working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and others, in that time I’ve seen plenty of useful utilities and plug-ins grow up around Final Cut Pro and the Final Cut Studio applications. Like Pro Tools, After Effects and Photoshop, FCP lends itself to expandability in a way that enables you to trick out your edit bay far beyond a stock system.

This page is intended to provide links to many of these resources in one, easy-to-find compilation. Some of these apply to Final Cut Pro X and others to the early or “legacy” versions (FCP 1-7). It is by no means a complete list. Some of these tools are free, some are shareware – many are low cost. Of course, a few are expensive and only apply to facility and enterprise customers, but I’ve tried to cover a lot of bases. I routinely use or have tested many of the items on the list. There are many that I haven’t, so don’t interpret this list as any sort of endorsement on my part. It’s simply a place to start your search in making your NLE more powerful and productive.

This compilation is primarily FCP-centric and Mac-centric, but don’t assume that’s a given for every product here. Many of these developers also offer tools that are designed for other NLE environments. If you’re on Windows or Linux and/or don’t use FCP, just look around and see if there’s something for you.

I will try to keep this list current and accurate, so feel free to drop me a line if there is something particularly cool that I should add or if links change, are broken or become inactive. Thank you.

Plug-in Filters and Application Content for Final Cut Studio

Apple FCP X home page
Apple Motion 5 home page
Apple Compressor 4 home page
Apple Aperture home page
Apple Logic Pro home page
Apple Feedback
1 z 1 FCP Tools
Alex Gollner
Antler Post / Nick Shaw
Boris FX
CGM / Eiperle CGM
CHV Electronics
Conner Productions
Digital Anarchy
Digital Film Tools
Digital Heaven
Digital Zoo / Simon Kirby’s Lunchtime Pro – FCP filters and resources
DV Garage / DV Matte Pro
FCP Effects
FCP.co – Plug-ins and Templates
Film Convert
FilmLight – Baselight
GenArts / Sapphire Filters
Imagineer Systems / Mocha
Luca’s Plugins
Luca Visual FX
LiveType Expansion Packs
Lyric Media
Marcus Herrick
Motion VFX
Neat video noise reduction
Noise Industries / Fx Factory / Factory Tools
Noise Industries partners
Peter Wiggins
Pistolera Post / Patrick Sheffield
Pixel Film Studios
Red Giant Software / Magic Bullet / Trapcode / Knoll / Primatte
Revision FX – Twixtor, DE:Noise, etc. 
River Rock Studios
Sheffield Softworks / Patrick Sheffield
Stupid Raisins
Synthetic Aperture
Technicolor CineStyle
The Foundry / Keylight / Furnace
Tiffen Dfx
Too Much Too Soon Filters

Applications / XML Tools / Workflow Tools

Assisted Editing / First Cuts / Finisher / Sync-N-Link
Automatic Duck
Axle Video
Belle Nuit
Boris FX – Soundbite
Digital Heaven / Loader / AutoMotion and much more
Digital Rebellion / Preference Manger
DV Film
EditGroove Software / UserMatic
Glue Tools
PluralEyes Automatic Synchronization
Sebsky Tools
Smart Sound / Sonicfire Pro Scoring for FCP
Synthetic Aperture
Square Box Systems / CatDV
Video Toolshed
XMiL Workflow Tools

Encoding Applications and Utilities

JES Deinterlacer
Innobits / BitVice / Video Purifier
Mac The Ripper
MPEG Streamclip
Sorenson Squeeze
Telestream / Episode / Flip4Mac

Audio Applications

Avid Pro Tools
Smart Sound / Sonicfire Pro Scoring and Music
Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac

Productivity Solutions and Alternatives to Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop

Adobe’s Kuler color themes site
Apple iLife
Apple iWork
Corel Painter
FileMaker Pro
Graphic Converter
OmniGraffle and much more

For RED Users

1 Beyond
Imagine Products
R3D Data Manager
RED’s tools
Rubber Monkey Software

For P2 Users

1 Beyond
Imagine Products


1 Beyond
Imagine Products

Hardware – Capture Cards, Converters and Control Surfaces

AJA Video
Blackmagic Design
Avid Artist Series
JL Cooper Electronics
Matrox Video
Tangent Devices
Telestream / Pipeline

Shared Storage Solutions

1 Beyond / EzHDSAN
Active Storage
Apple Xsan
CommandSoft – FibreJet
Facilis Technology / TerraBlock
Maxx Entertainment Digital / Final Share
Small Tree Communications

Training / Tutorials / General Information Sites

Adobe TV
Adobe videos
After Effects resources
After Effects tutorials
Photoshop tutorials
Photoshop tutorial 2
Tao of Color Grading


Apple Final Cut Pro Resources
Apple ProApps Online Help Library
Apple Pro Apps discussion forum
FCP.co – How To Tutorials
FCP.co – Reference Material
FCP X Land
FCP Guild
FCP  X Graphic Manuals
Final Cut Pro Killer Secrets
Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group
Larry Jordan
Ken Stone
Mac Create Apple software tutorials
Macworld forums


Red User – Apple workflows
RED workflows with FCP X

Software Training – Various

Classroom On Demand
Creative Cow training
Infinite Skills
Ripple Training
Total Training

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