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The first NLE I started using was an Avid Media Composer in the early 1990s. Although I’ve done tons of Final Cut projects since its introduction, Media Composer  and Symphony still cover a large portion of my work. Below is a list of many of the resources for the Avid world. Media Composer editors don’t have a culture of using a ton of freebees, so you won’t find this list as long as the resources on the FCP page. In part, Media Composer is more self-contained and already includes a number of features that aren’t inherently part of FCP. Hence, the greater need to augment and enhance Final Cut.

Avid’s retail bundles for Media Composer and Symphony are cross-platform suites of software, including Media Composer/Symphony and various Avid utilities, along with Boris Continuum Complete filters (Symphony only), Avid FX, Avid DVD (PC only) and Sorenson Squeeze. Although it isn’t often mentioned, the installation of Media Composer also includes the Marquee titler, the Illusion FX filter pack and a set of Plasma wipes. Even though there is a lot to draw from in this stock package, there are plenty of additional resources available from third party developers.

I am not going to duplicate every item on the Final Cut Ecosystem page. If you are looking for links related to storage, RED, P2, Adobe products and more, simply click on the Final Cut Ecosystem tab and you’ll find a wealth of those resources. Obviously those issues are common to both sets of users.

I will try to keep this list current and accurate, so feel free to drop me a line if there is something particularly cool that I should add or if links change, are broken or become inactive. Thank you.

Avid Technology product links:

Avid Technology, Inc.
Avid Media Composer
Avid NewsCutter
Avid Pro Tools Family
Avid Symphony
Avid Media Composer support
Avid Media Composer plug-ins
Avid Media Composer audio plug-ins
Avid AMA
Avid Download Center
Avid software patches
Avid digital camera workflow
Avid RED workflow
Avid MetaFuze
Avid ScriptSync
Avid PhraseFind
Avid – Artist control surfaces

Avid Technology community / training / tutorial links:

Avid Community blogs
Avid Community forums
Avid Community tutorials
Avid Community user groups
Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started
Avid Media Composer 6 Getting Started
Avid online training
Avid Knowledge Base
Avid Community Media Composer Tutorials
Avid Community – Douglas Bruce – Basic MC Tutorials
Avid ALEX Tutorials
Avid Screencast

Avid Technology – other:

Avid storage calculator
YouTube Avid channel
Vimeo Avid channel

Avid-compatible capture hardware

AJA Video Systems
Blackmagic Design

AVX effects filters | Assorted applications and utilities:

Automatic Duck
Belle Nuit
Blackmagic Design – DaVinci Resolve
Boris FX
Digital Film Tools
EditShare Flow
EyeOn – Connection
FilmLight – Baselight for Avid
Luca Visual FX
Red Giant Software
RED – Redcine-X Pro
RevisionFX – Twixtor, ReelSmart
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro
Sorenson Media
Stage Tools
Tiffen filters
Tool Farm’s Avid plug-ins

Miscellaneous training | Avid communities | Other resources

Avid L2 Yahoo Groups community
Avid – Wonder How To
Avid Media Composer 6 Cookbook
Boris FX Red / Avid FX training
Boris FX BCC training
Creative COW Avid editing forum
Edit Geek – Dylan Reeve
Freddy’s Big List (Freddy Links)
Hershleder Avid Tips
RED – Avid workflow forum
Slice and Dice
Zero Cut / Alan Stewart

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