Tech Note

A note from the editor…

The DigitalFilms blog is a free site hosted by WordPress. As such, WordPress has the option to insert advertisement into the posts. I have no control over these. Since this is a free site, I also don’t accept outside ads or sponsored content seeking to be highlighted in a review or article. Any ads that you see here are purely under the control of WordPress and its parent company, Automattic.

Over time, I feel like the algorithms used to place these ads have resulted in greater frequency, as well as more intrusiveness. This is why you see ads inserted into the middle of a blog’s text and not simply at the end or in the sidebar. Unfortunately some of these ads occasionally trigger links to adware pop-ups. If that happens to you when you click on any link in this site, DO NOT click onto anything in that pop-up. Simply close it. Then please clear your browser history and cache.

The macOS Safari browser seems to be the most susceptible to these issues. There are additional concerns for iPhone and iPad readers. Safari for iOS may at times redirect embedded links to other sites connected to these ads, instead of the intended destination.

Here are some recommendations if you find this behavior intrusive. The first option is to use the Reader mode of your browser, which will display text and images without the ads. The second option is to install an ad blocker extension for Safari on your desktop or mobile unit. Third, you can use a different browser, such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox with security/privacy preferences set to the strictest mode. I have found this to be the most effective in producing a more pleasant browsing experience across many websites. However, on occasion, this will prevent content on some sites from loading. The most common example is embedded videos.

Thanks for reading.