About me

I’m Oliver Peters – an independent video/film editor, colorist, post production supervisor, tech journalist, and consultant. In addition to this blog, I have contributed to various industry trade publications and websites, including Videography, DV, TV Technology, Creative Planet Network, RedShark News, Post, PostPerspective, Pro Video Coalition, and FCP.co – just to name a few. Other writing has included custom content for numerous manufacturers.

My career as a production professional spans radio, television, and film since 1970. Over the years, this has included a variety of hands-on production and post production positions, as well as various facility management roles. Along the way, my work has earned local, regional, and national Addy, Telly, Monitor, and Emmy awards.

I was an early adopter of nonlinear editing and have since logged thousands of hours cutting commercials, feature films, TV shows, corporate videos, and themed entertainment projects. To date, I’ve utilized approximately two dozen different brands and models of edit and color grading systems. My prime focus is post production with a particular emphasis on editing and color grading, but the key factor is and has always been to convey the story.

My web site is OliverPeters.com. Samples of my work may be viewed at vimeo.com/oliverpeters. This blog is an opportunity to revisit many of the topics and articles I’ve written about over the years, plus provide another avenue for my current articles and reviews. Along the way, I’ll sprinkle in a few other thoughts of mine whenever appropriate.

About my reviews

Some of the posts on this blog are product reviews covering various hardware and software applications used by video professionals. For the sake of full disclosure, many of these products are seeded or loaned to me for evaluation from the manufacturer in my capacity as a tech journalist and blogger.

I use these products whenever appropriate in actual productions and I will always endeavor to write a comprehensive, honest, and unbiased report. If I hit a snag, I’ll let you know, but the approach I take with these reviews is not to try to tear the product apart. Instead, I seek to find out whether the product delivers valuable features to its key customers in a reliable, stable, and productive fashion. Does a product achieve the goals the developer wanted? That’s my starting point when I analyze a new product or an upgrade. My analysis is through the microscope of five decades as a working production and post professional and as such, I will try to steer you straight.

Copyright and reuse policy

The copyright for all blog posts at this site (DigitalFilms) is held solely by me (Oliver Peters). The images contained herein are mine, though some are manufacturer-supplied press images. Others are displayed as “fair use” through publicly available sources or from projects on which I have worked. If you intend to link to any of these posts, feel free to use a small opening excerpt and one image; however, you must provide proper attribution to me as the author and a link back to the full post on this site. Under no circumstances is it permissible to reuse an entire post of mine on another site or medium, without my prior permission. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Please feel free to contact me through my website if you have questions about any of my blog posts. Thank you.