The Batman

DC Comics’ Caped Crusader has been covered for decades in television and cinema. Sometimes campy, sometimes more dramatic. Director Matt Reeves’ latest take on Bruce Wayne/Batman (starring Robert Pattinson in the title role) takes us into a considerably more gritty version of Gotham.

No superhero film is possible without extensive visual effects work and The Batman is no exception, with numerous top-flight effects house contributing to the film. I recently spoke with Anders Langlands, Wētā FX visual effects supervisor, about his company’s contributions to help bring The Batman to life.

Anders, what are some of the scenes that ended up on Weta FX’s “to do” list?

We supplied a number of scenes. The biggest and most exciting one was the highway chase. We also did all of the work on the Batcave and the City Hall environment for the Mayor’s Memorial sequence. We worked on a few fight scenes in a couple of different locations, like the Iceberg Lounge. These required fight augmentation – speeding up and adjusting punches and kicks to make people look like they’re actually hitting each other – as well as some face replacements between Rob Pattinson and his stunt double. There are also CG bats in the Batcave and in a cage in the Riddler’s apartment.

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