Stocking Stuffers 2020

The end of the year is often  a good time to enhance your edit system with goodies. There are many cyber deals, plus the workload briefly slows enough to evaluate any changes that you need to make with your system. While not necessarily holiday specials, here are a few tools that caught my eye – or that I use regularly – and are worth checking out.

Boris FX Particle Illusion. This has been a component of the Continuum suite, but last summer Boris FX made Particle Illusion available as a free, standalone application for Mac and Windows systems. It’s a real-time, GPU-based, particle generator that comes with an emitter library of thousands of presets. These include a wide range of styles, including sci-fi effects, lightning, fireworks, sparkles, data streams, HUDs, and a ton more. Particle Illusion comes with its own layer-based composition window and timeline. Preset effects can be combined and modified to create unique effects, which may be exported as key-able elements. For example, I recently used it to create snowfall and snowflake animations in a virtual holiday performance video.

Yanobox Storm. Need some really cool animated backgrounds? Yanobox to the rescue with its new Storm generator. It’s available through the FxFactory platform for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects on Intel Macs. Like Particle Illusion, Storm features over 200 animated 3D presets and templates, including fire, organic fluid effects, fractals, and much more. Parameters are easily adjusted and performance is good even on older Macs. Storm is built around a self-contained rendering engine with beautiful shading, geometry, reflections, fractions, etc.

Color Finale LUTs. You’ve bought a bunch of LUTs, because you like the cool looks they offer. But it’s hard to deal with them across various LUT libraries and NLEs. The folks at Color Trix (makers of the Color Finale 2 grading solution for Final Cut Pro), have introduced Color Final LUTs. This is a standalone LUT management tool for the Mac. You can add and browse LUT collections within a single solution. The look of that LUT can be previewed using a default image or any reference images that’s you’ve added to the application. These can be manually added or via access to your Photos library. Color Finale LUTs integrates with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Simply select the LUTs, designate the target NLE, and Color Finale LUTs will handle copying those LUTs into the proper folders.

BounceColor.  Speaking of LUTs, here’s a collection I recently became aware of. BounceColor offers a collection of creative and technical LUTs for a range of host applications in many looks and styles. Aside from the standard types of LUTs, BounceColor also offers cross-conversion LUTs. These include the usual camera log format to Rec 709, but also Blackmagic to ARRI Log-C. Finally, the BounceColor collections also include display LUTs, which are useful on location.

iZotope Holiday Bundle. Let’s not forget audio! All of the various audio filter plug-in developers offer cyber deals. Some, like Waves, seem to have perennial discounts on selected items. I’m a fan of iZotope’s products and have written about their tools, like Ozone and RX, in the past. Right now they are offering a Holiday Bundle, which is a collection of the Elements (“lite”) versions of four of their major bundles (Ozone, Nectar, Neutron, RX), plus some extras. Some of this won’t be useful for a video editor. The extras fall into what I would call “flash and trash” effects. Nectar can be useful for voice-overs, but Neutron is mainly geared around music instruments, not full mixes. However, editors will find that the RX effects (audio repair and clean-up), along with Ozone (mastering), may quickly because go-to items. Ozone Elements only includes three modules (EQ, imager, and maximizer), which is largely what you need on your master bus for some final mastering sweetness. Even though you might only use a few of the items in the bundle, the current price is still less than two of these products on their own, even at a discount. If the bundle is to your liking, I recommend going through an audio dealer, like Sweetwater, for a better online purchasing experience.


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