The 2018 Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year season is wrapping up as 2019 blasts in with new wonders, advances, and challenges. It’s this time of year when we can take a moment to look back. That gives me a chance to check out the stats on this blog – to thank the readers who have been following me for a while – and to welcome new readers who have discovered this little corner of the internet.

I started this blog a few years back as a place to offer some thoughts and tips and to give additional and often extended life to my writings for various trade publications. To date I have written 500 posts (this is 501), which have accumulated nearly 5 million total views. And over 1,000 of you have signed on to follow this blog. Thank you.

I started in this business working at a radio station during my senior year of high school and was hired as a full-time video editor when I finished college. Depending on when you want to start the count, that’s well over four decades in the industry. Most of that involves hands-on linear and nonlinear video editing, but it also includes work in sound, producing/directing, facilities design and management, workflow consultation, training, and color correction. In that time, I’ve seen manufacturers come and go, fall in and out of favor, and as a result, have worked with nearly two dozen different editing and color correction tools on paying gigs. Throughout all of that, I tend to think of myself first and foremost as an editor, but not necessarily an operator of any specific tool.

Editors are storytellers and those of the tips that I like to talk about most on this blog. They are constants that are more important than any specific software or hardware application. Of all the posts, my interviews with other working editors are those I enjoy the most. It’s a chance to learn and to see the same passion that others put into their work.

As we roll into 2019, I look forward to more projects that can be tackled with passion, while working with teams of other creative individuals. Here’s wishing you the same!

©2018 Oliver Peters