A note to iOS5 iPad readers

This is a quick housekeeping note. If you follow this blog on an iPad, you already know that some WordPress-hosted sites, such as this one, use an alternative format for mobile devices, like the iPad. The Home page displays a small grouping of headers for the latest posts. When you click on one, it loads an optimized screen in the foreground. That was working fine in iOS4, but apparently for now is broken in the iOS5 version of Safari. The first post selected will flash, but still load, however, subsequent selections never load.

I recommend the following solution if this happens on your iPad. At the bottom of the Home page is a toggle to View iPad Site or View Standard Site. Select View Standard Site. Safari will remember this setting when you return to the blog. Since the theme I use employs a page width and column structure that is a bit awkward on iPads, use the Safari Reader function. Select a post from the sidebar and when it loads, click the READER button in the URL bar. That post will open in a format that’s easy to read on the iPad.

Thank you.