Yanobox Nodes

In the run-up to NAB, Noise Industries, producer of the popular FxFactory plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion and After Effects, announced a very playful and inventive plug-in called Nodes.

Noise Industries works with a collection of partners who develop a variety of wildly different plug-ins that all take advantage of the Apple FxPlug architecture and operate under FxFactory as a filter management utility. FxPlug allows for GPU acceleration of effects. One of these developers is Yanobox, makers of Motype, a text animation tool. New from Yanobox is Nodes, which had been quietly in beta testing and was announced in conjunction with the show. Like Motype, Nodes installs as a “generator” within Final Cut Pro, but beyond that, it’s a bit hard to describe.

Yanobox has combined lines, objects and text into a single tool, where the lines tie the objects together and each object can have associated text linked to that object. These lines, objects and text stay linked together in 3D space.

The control panel offers plenty of ways to alter a basic preset to create a variety of movements, forming spirals, flying airplanes, geometric globes and much more.

I had a chance to play with Nodes in the weeks leading up to NAB and I must say that it’s one of those plug-ins that’s fun to use. It has a real retro feel to me – like something you’d see as part of the title sequence of a 1960s TV show.

I would suggest that an After Effects or Motion designer might feel more comfortable with it than the typical editor, but like all the other FxFactory plug-ins, there’s a free trial period in which users get to check it out. In either case, even the most “design-challenged” editor can use it to come up with something that looks pretty cool.

Originally written for DV Magazine and NewBay Media, LLC.

©2010 Oliver Peters