The annual Editors Retreat is coming


If winter is the time for a bit of R&R in Florida, then it’s time to consider the annual Editors Retreat, now in its fifth year. This is an opportunity to spend a few days with a select group of editors for professional training, an exchange of ideas and just plain fun. The Editors Retreat has its origins loosely in the Avid Master Editors Workshop, but has morphed into the Retreat thanks to the efforts of Future Media Concepts. The 2010 Retreat will be at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach, January 13 – 16. (On a historical note, the Beatles taped their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show from the Napoleon Ballroom at the Deauville on February 16, 1964.)

Attendance to the Editors Retreat is limited and registration is for professional editors with five years or more experience. It doesn’t matter which platform you use, because there’s something for everyone. Sessions are handled by FMC trainers and guest editor/speakers, but one unique aspect is the Peer Presentations. Up until December 1, FMC is offering a discount to attendees who are willing to prepare a Peer Presentation of their own. These should be on a technical topic related to a project that they’ve done commercially.

Past examples include:

Producing from the Editor’s Chair: The Hurricane Katrina Project by Stig Daniels

Cutting the Independent Film by Abba Shapiro

Documentary Work and Workflow by Steve Audette

The whole point of the Retreat is to bring together editors from various disciplines and editing platforms and give them the opportunity to learn and share – not only from official training sessions – but also from their own collective experiences. Of course, there is plenty of formal training, including expert tips on Photoshop, Avid, Final Cut, After Effects, mixing and color correction.

One Editors Retreat highlight is a keynote presentation by a leading industry veteran. This year, the keynote speaker will be Christopher Nelson, who is an Emmy-nominated television series and movie editor. Nelson’s credits include episodes of LOST, Six Feet Under, The West Wing, House and Madmen.

I had a chance to make it to the Editors Retreat the last time it was in Miami Beach and I’ve got to say that it was a blast. In addition to the sessions, there’s plenty of casual time to compare notes with other editors, instructors and speakers, as well as to rub shoulders with product managers for many of the products that we use on a daily basis. So, needless to say, I’m making plans for January. Hope to see you there.

©2009 Oliver Peters